Pure Diamond Rings Gifted to all Guests in a Royal Wedding in Kuwait

Pure Diamond Rings gifted to all guests in a Royal wedding in Kuwait


The photos of the “Grand Royal” wedding function, as broadly endorsed, circulated around the web on social media, especially as valuable precious diamond rings were gifted to the rundown of privileged gathering of people.

Shaikh Fahad bin Nasser bin Sabah Al Ahmad, the grandson of the Emir of Kuwait, married the girl of a renowned businessman. The bride, Fay bint Loay bin Jassim Al Kharafi, is likewise the granddaughter of speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait.

The pictures of the ‘mythical’ wedding ceremony, as widely prescribed, went viral on social media, particularly as precious diamond rings were gifted to the list of upper class audience, as per the Alqiyady website.

rundown of world class Arab stars, including Saudi artists Mohammed Abduh, Rashid Majid, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, and Nabil Shuail, alongside Nawal (Kuwait), Hussein Al Jasmi (UAE), Miriam Fares (Lebanon), and Essa Kubaisi (Qatar) studded the VIP guests at the ah-mazing wedding.

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Electronic Crime Bill 2015 Pakistan

Electronic Crime Bill 2015 Pakistan – Crybercrime Bill 2015 Pakistan – Panel takes up draft bill on cyber terror


National Assembly Standing Committee will deliberate on “The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2015

ISLAMABAD: As a parliamentary panel prepares to take up government proposed legislation on cyber terrorism on Thursday (today), IPPs, entrepreneurs and civil society called it an attempt to put a ‘gag’ on freedom of expression and to give the spy agencies unbridled powers.

Headed by Captain (retd) Muhammad Safdar, the son-in-law of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication will deliberate on “The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2015”.

Under the pretext of the national counterterrorism strategy, the government has incorporated some controversial clauses in the draft bill. Online criticism on religion, country, courts and armed forces are a few subjects which will invoke official intervention.

Article 19 of the 1973 Constitution has been set as landmark for freedom of expression. Anusha Rehman, the minister of state for IT, insists that what they have done after extensive deliberations is the need of the hour. She said some people might criticise them however what they have ensured was the draft was in keeping with Pakistani values and teachings of Islam.

“In view of the NAP, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif allowed introduction of the PEC Bill before parliament without prior approval of his cabinet in terms of Rule 16(1) (a) of the Rules of Business, 1973,” the IT ministry’s Director PR Sagheer Anwar said, defending the ministry’s decision.

The ministry’s spokesperson added that they have all necessary technical and legal resources at their disposal for assistance to present the bill before any forum. Regarding the amendments, he said, “The bill is being reviewed by the National Assembly’s committee in terms of its prerogative as laid down by the legislature.”


The information ministry has incorporated some new clauses in the Prevention of Electronic Crime Bill with an aim to localise YouTube. Despite the new legislation, senior officials of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) are not optimistic regarding restoration of the popular video-sharing service. The PTA has been given the task to prepare a business case for Google administration. But senior officials of the authority told The Express Tribune that it is investor that takes the final decision and we cannot force him to agree with our proposal.

Khurram Zafar, a technology expert, wrote in one of his articles that the safest and most reliable options to resolve this long-pending matter involve getting Google on board and convincing the company to set up a Pakistan-specific domain proxy. A second option is to allow internet users in Pakistan to be the custodians of their own morality and use freely available internet filtering software on their computers and mobile phones to keep their families safe.

After the parliamentary approval, the YouTube administration will examine the business case on whether it was financially a viable option to localise the video-sharing service in Pakistan, a top official in the PTA said.

However, the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PSHA) has claimed that the FIA and IT ministry officials have little knowhow of technical aspects of the proposed legislation.

Speaking at a news conference organised by the Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan, PSHA representative Syed Ahmad said the proposed law was discouraging for investors, as it did not offer any protection to them.

“The current draft is unworkable and there are chances of misuse,” he added. “There is need to differentiate between hacking and ethical hacking. Section 31 is our biggest concern. The government is adding this so it can justify their blocking and censoring powers – since the court has found they exercise these powers under no law.”

Wahab Siraj of the Telecom Operatives Association said the PTA was not capable of content analyses and anything could be labeled as obscene and immoral by investigation officers.

Farheeha, a representative of Bolo Bhi, said that in presence of such a law no one would take interest to invest in the IT sector in Pakistan and YouTube restoration would also be not possible. “Any device can be confiscated and there is also need for training of judges and investigators to handle such technical cases,” she added.

What you need to know about Electronic Crime Bill 2015

SLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The controversial Electronic Crime Bill 2015 has been approved by the Standing Committee for Information Technology in its session headed by Captain (retd) Safdar and is all set to be tabled.

Here’s what you need to know what this bill potentially means.

The bill proposes 7 years jail time and Rs 1 crore fine for ‘interfering with sensitive system’

5 years jail time and Rs 1 crore fine on ‘spreading hate material’

14 years jail time and Rs 5 crore fine on ‘cyber terrorism’

2 years jail time and Rs 1 crore fine on electronic fraud

3 years imprisonment and Rs 5 lakh fine upon selling illegal SIMs

3 years jail and Rs 10 lakh fine over playing anyone else’s face on an ‘immoral photo’ and other form of photo manipulation

Illegal access to information can land you in jail for 3 years along with a hefty fine of Rs 5 lakh. This can include accessing blocked websites using proxies

6 months jail time and Rs 1 lakh fine over copying any data illegally

2 years jail time and Rs 5 lakh fine over ‘interference in information systems’


Sohaib Maqsood Caught Red Handed In Australia

Sohaib Maqsood Caught Red Handed In Australia


Pakistani upcoming batsman Sohaib Maqsood was caught red handed with having affair a English Girl in Australia. According to the reports That girl and Sobaib were involved in a relationship and both were seen together at many times.

They also had many meetings between them in hotels and that girl was also present there during the last match , pakistan played against Australia.

It is pertinent to mention here that performances of Pakistani players have not been so great as they have been involved in such kind of activities more and often.

There were already some gossips on social media about poor discipline by certain Pakistani players including Sohaib, during the cricket world cup 2015. but now the discussion has taken a new turn since the stories about love affair of Sohaib Maqsood were told in a private TV channel. According to this media house, Sohaib Maqsood had a ‘Strong friendship’ with an Australian young girl in Adelaide, who came to visit Sohaib in hotel room at various occasions. According to same sources, Sohaib gifted his cricket kit to that girl before coming back to Pakistan.

Sohaib Maqsood has completely denied any such allegation but according to some hotel employees and few cricket fans staying in the same hotel, Sohaib and that Australian girl were seen together at various occasions.


Pink Rikshaw Service For Women Of Lahore

Pink Service : Rickshaw Service For Women Of Lahore-

Pink Rickshaw service putting Lahore women in the driving seat


LAHORE: In a bid to remove the cultural barriers for women, the ladies-only Pink Rickshaw service is providing them new possibilities to generate revenue for their families in the Punjab capital.

The service is launched to provide women, belonging to lower strata of the society, travelling comfort without being harassed or feeling uncomfortable.

The transport service also helps women become financially independent while providing safe rides for other women.


Death Warrants Issued for 7 Convicted in Sialkot Lynching Case

Death warrants issued for 7 convicted in Sialkot lynching case


A court in Gujranwala has issued death warrants for seven individuals convicted of killing brothers Mughees and Muneeb in Sialkot in 2010, Express News reported.

The culprits are to be executed on April 8.

On September 20, 2011, Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Gujranwala sentenced seven individuals to death, six to life in prison and all policemen involved in the incident to three year imprisonment.

On August 15, 2010, a mob gathered in broad daylight in Buttran Wali, Sialkot, and lynched Mughees and Muneeb in full view of police officers, who made no attempts to stop the murder.

The bodies of the two brothers were dragged through the streets by the mob, who labelled them robbers. The bodies were then hanged against a water tank. The villagers were about to set the bodies on fire when family members of brothers reached the spot and took them home. Later, no police records were found of Mughees and Muneeb, who were both students.


Dance party, Ayan Ali brings life to Rawalpindi’s notorious Adiala Jail

Dance party, rush of VIPs: Supermodel Ayan Ali brings life to Rawalpindi’s notorious Adiala Jail


RAWALPINDI: As Pakistan supermodel Ayyan Ali’s attempt to smuggle $506,800 outside the country has landed him Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jial, which is notorious for housing terrorists and hardened criminals, albeit her his arrival has brought life to the dreaded Adiala prison with reports of senior police and district administration officials visiting the facility.

The Online news agency reported that amid report of dance party at the prison, which currently housing some high-profile terrorists, official of Rawalpindi Administration, senior police officials including an SSP, a DSP and brother of former Interior Minister in PPP government rushed to the facility.

The agency claimed that at the prison facility, the supermodel is being afforded VVIP treatment by the Jail administration and even her demand for meal from top hotels of the capital is being met.

The report said that supermodel, who is a category B inmate in the Adiala Jail, was being treated like a ‘VVIP’ and her all demands were being fulfilled.

Facilities which can only be afforded to a A category inmate are being provided due to her obvious connection in power corridors and relations with high and mighty officials and politicians.

The report said that Ayyan is being served with foods from PC hotel, mineral water and fresh juices of international brand.

It is to be mentioned here that Ayyan was catching a flight to Dubai in the early hours of Saturday when she was detained by airport security. The scanners had picked up irregularities with her luggage, and customs officials soon discovered a sum of $506,800 in her bag. Ironically, Ayyan had released a number titled ‘Making Dollars’ just five months prior to her arrest.


Saudi Arabia to Introduce Obligatory Marriage Training

Saudi Arabia to introduce obligatory marriage training


Saudi Arabia is going to introduced compulsory marriage training programme before marriage, to reduce the rising levels of divorce. In 2013, an average of 82 divorce cases took place in Saudi Arabia on a daily basis. London based newspaper Ashraq al-Awsat reported that it is compulsory for those couple who want to marriage.

Saudi Arabia’s ministry of Justice exhibited plans to introduce this training program across all cities of kingdom Saudi Arabia.

According to the program coordinator Fouad Jugaiman, divorce rates in Malaysia reduced from 32 % to only 7%, after introducing a similar program.

Fouad Jugaiman said that, the training which is going to be introduced will continue over the next two years. It enables men and women to get skills needed for happy married life to ensure the stability of their future family.

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